Out of Sight

2007 - 2008

”And isn't the truth that the great dramas are played quietly, that people try to cover their feelings and avoid showing on their faces the storms that are really raging within themselves”
Carl Th Dreyer
People who are not aquainted with the homeless people often perceive them according to two diametrically opposed criteria: as nonexistent human shadows bordering on the invisible, or as noisy, limitless or under the influence of alcohol or some drug, filling up the city space.
To photograph the faces of homeless when asleep is an attempt to create an intimacy between them and us. The photographs were taken between the fall 2007 and the spring 2008. The Out of Sight exhibition consisting of twelve portraits of homeless people sleeping, was shown in twelve places where the homeless use to move around or dwell in Copenhagen, from May 16 to June 1, 2008.
To photograph the homeless sleeping wouldn't have been feasible without their acceptance and cooperation.
Out of Sight was a part of the Get Lost project developed and curated by the Danish Architecture Center, out of an initiative and idea of Tina Enghoff and Kent Klich.
The basis of the Get Lost project is that public space is a central platform to use the social environment and act therein. *Its more than a collection of buildings; its a strongly coded space, resting on territorial negotiations between different sections of the population. By connecting social and spatial themes, the project can elucidate our ways of moving around and be with each other in the public space, and discuss subjects like the privatization of public space, architecture as structural power tool, and for whom the city is constructed.

”How do we move within the public space? In what ways do we meet each other? Is the city intended for everybody? And what values serve as foundation for the development of Copenhagen into a metropolis?”
”The Get Lost initiative consist of alternative projects by artists and architects suggesting new ways and possibilities for a city that wishes and is able to have room for everybody”****